How Do You Get Your Website To Rank On Google?


Contrary to popular belief and as we teach in SEO Breakthrough, it is not as complex as you might think to get yours, or your client website to rank on Google. The process has not really changed over the past few years and the basics are the same. These are the aspects that you need to focus on to achieve impressive results:


High Quality Relevant Content

Authority Backlinks


There are other important factors, such as technical optimization, but you can still rank your website on Google, even if your site is not a technical masterpiece.

High Quality Content

This is down to you to do. It is a simple process (follow the steps below): -

Step 1

Keyword Research

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Do your keyword research. Google will only allow any page or post to rank for a very focused set of relevant key phrases, so find a small number of key phrases (2 or 3 for example) that you want your page to rank for that are highly related to each other and make the page / post optimized just for those phrases.

Find 10+ other related phrases that are industry terms within that trade (you will use these words and phrases in step 2)

Avoid going broad with your key phrases and trying to rank for lots of different services on the one page. Google will not typically permit you to rank like that.

Step 2

Content Optimization

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Make sure your page title has your main key phrase in it and that the other titles on the page have your other main related tags in those.

Add your other supporting industry term words and phrases throughout the content. Google likes to see this to find out if you are expert at your trade. This is a ranking factor that Google has patented in their algorithm.

Step 3

On Page Code Optimiztion

Get your image Alt tags added and schema mark up (you can use a WordPress plugin to do that if you are unsure).

Authority Backlinks

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If your content is focused and highly relevant to the search phrases you want to rank for. All you need to do to rank on Google is to drive high quality authority backlinks to your site (specifically, to the page you want to rank on Google).

All you therefore need to do is find a great resource for your authority backlinks.

Problem With Backlinks

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It can be difficult to find high quality backlink resources. They are usually either too expensive or spammed to death.

The screenshot below shows a typical cost for just 1 medium authority backlink from a reasonably well-known guest post / backlink service.

Problem is, the cost is quite steep at $247 for just the 1 medium authority link:

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Impressive Results

I have not been using these link packages for long and I have only used them for a small number of clients to date. The results, however, are impressive. Take a look below at just some of the results I have achieved in a very small space of time:

Roofing Contractor

The screen shot below shows the Rank results for a US based roofing contractor prior to starting the link package campaign.

This client was already ranking reasonably well, but they wanted to achieve #1 rankings in all of their local area.

Rank Results BEFORE Link Package

WPO Image

I only started using these links on the client’s site and in just a few weeks, virtually the entire grid area was ranking in position #1 on Google both organically as well as in maps

Rank Results AFTER Link Package

WPO Image

The Client is Absolutely Delighted With The Results

Local Marketing Firm

The screen shot below shows the Rank results for a US based local marketing firm after the link package was applied.

The client was ranking reasonably well on Google but like the roofing contractor, they wanted to achieve position #1 rankings to maximize traffic and leads.

WPO Image

National US Based Company

The screen shots below show the rank results achieved with just 1 link package

WPO Image

The client saw huge increase in rank across multiple keyphrases.

All this was achieved with just 1 link package.

Over the course of a month, the posts (with backlinks) were published on the various sites.

The client noticed a 40% increase in organic traffic which is nothing less than sensational.

WPO Image

Out of 65 key phrases being monitored, 54 increased in rank and many increased significantly


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